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I ask anyone who posts something, put it in the right folder (so we avoid making trouble).

Bulletgold by Wooded-Wolf  Featured: In this folder, you can't insert an image. Every week will be decided to post a picture.

-------------------------- MODELS DOWNLOAD --------------------------
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-Wolf Anime/ CartoonDL: only models from anime or cartoon Anime DL
Bulletcopper by Wooded-Wolf Game DL:only models from game. Game DL
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfGenderbents DL: only for models of Vocaloid and UTAU. NO YOUR UTAU AND YOUR OC. Only model with link download. Genderbents DL
Bulletgreen by Wooded-WolfHetalia DL: models of Hetalia with link download. Hetalia DL
Bulletazure by Wooded-Wolf Kingdom Hearts DL: only for models of Kingdom Hearts with link download. Kingdom Hearts DL
Bulletindigo by Wooded-Wolf Pokemon DL: models of Pokemon with link download. Pokemon DL
Other model DL: all those models that don't belong to the other folders. Here you can post anime, games, etc. with link download. Other model DL
Bulletviolet by Wooded-Wolf Touhou DL: models of Touhou with link download. Touhou DL
Bulletpurple by Wooded-WolfUtau DL: only for models of  UTAU. I mean Utau those recognized by Crypton. Only model with link download. UTAU DL
Bulletrose by Wooded-Wolf Vocaloid DL: only for models of Vocaloid, I mean those recognized by Crypton. Only model with link download. Vocaloid DL

------------------------- FOLDERS DOWNLOAD -------------------------
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfAccessories: this folder goes to include all those objects as a means of transport, animals, umbrellas, etc.. Accessories
Bulletred by Wooded-WolfAccessories pokemon: all objects that connect to pokemon, like the pokeball. Accessories pokemon
Bulletvermilion by Wooded-WolfAnimation:Only GIF or Flash no video link
Bulletcopper by Wooded-WolfArms-Hands: fingernails, gloves, wristbands. In this folder you can put all the accessories that include the hands or arms. Arms-hands
Bulletorange by Wooded-WolfBack:In the folder there are all the objects that are behind his back as backpacks, wings, shields etc. Back
Bullettan by Wooded-WolfBody-bases: all the bases and bodies. Body-base
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfBottom: all the clothes such as pants, skirts and other. Bottom
Bulletyellow by Wooded-Wolf Effect: All types of effects related to MMD. Effect
Bulletlime by Wooded-Wolf Electronics: everything to do with the electronic. Coumputer, cell phones, Ipad etc. NO TV. Electronics
Bulletchartreuse by Wooded-WolfFood: All types of food and drink. Food
Bulletharlequin by Wooded-Wolf Furniture: objects such as chairs tables, etc.. Furniture
Bulletgreen by Wooded-WolfHairs: All types of hair from short ones to long ones, from the simplest to the most complex hairstyles. Hairs
Bulletmalachite by Wooded-WolfHead: All items such as hats, barrettes and more where you put on the head. Head
Bulletspring by Wooded-WolfJewelery: all types of jewelery from necklaces to earrings. Jewelery
Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf Link: All links to models, stage or effects that are not on Da
Bulletcyan by Wooded-WolfModel full body - Figma:
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-WolfMotion: All links to motion that are not on Da
Bulletazure by Wooded-WolfOther:
Bulletroyal by Wooded-WolfOutfit: Here you post only the clothes complete. So example Outfit
Bulletblue by Wooded-WolfPicture Blender-3D-vidro: you can post all the images with the programs Blender, vidro, 4D cinemas and so on.
Bulletindigo by Wooded-WolfPicture request-for-HB: you can post all the images of the requests, picture dedicated to someone, and pictures happy birthday. HB means happy birthday.
Bulletviolet by Wooded-WolfPicture wallpaper: Posted the pictures you like the most of your gallery.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-WolfPose: all the poses of any kind and that you can download. Pose
Bulletmagenta by Wooded-WolfShoes: Shoes, sandals, socks, etc. Shoes
Bulletcerise by Wooded-WolfSkydome: All types of sky for stage. Skydome
Bulletrose by Wooded-WolfStage: All types of placement from those of MMD to those of the games. From restaurants to gyms. Stage
Bulletcoral by Wooded-WolfTexture: All the colors needed for those who are creating a model.
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfTop: all the clothes such as shirts, jacket and other. Top
Bulletred by Wooded-WolfTutorial: All kinds of tutorial related to MMD. Tutorial
Bulletvermilion by Wooded-WolfWeapon: All kinds of weapons will go into this folder rather than in that of the accessories. (Swords, guns, cannons, etc.)Weapon
Bulletcopper by Wooded-WolfWip-help:All work in progress and help. Wip-helps
Bulletorange by Wooded-WolfVehicles: You can put all kinds of means of transport in this folder (car, motorcycle, bicycle and so on.)Vehicles
Bullettan by Wooded-WolfVideo you tube: you can put pictures that are connected to the videos of you tube. Video you tube

PMDeditor english translation:





Welcome!! Everyone can join in the group.




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i just added two pictures to the qroup but i could not find a good folder for either of them
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I hope I get accepted!!!
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Hey, why gone folder "Other Models DL" from window uploading?
Where I need place my games conversions now?
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