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I ask anyone who posts something, put it in the right folder (so we avoid making trouble).

Bulletgold by Wooded-Wolf  Featured: In this folder, you can't insert an image. Every week will be decided to post a picture.

-------------------------- MODELS DOWNLOAD --------------------------
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-Wolf Anime/ CartoonDL: only models from anime or cartoon Anime DL
Bulletcopper by Wooded-Wolf Game DL:only models from game. Game DL
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfGenderbents DL: only for models of Vocaloid and UTAU. NO YOUR UTAU AND YOUR OC. Only model with link download. Genderbents DL
Bulletgreen by Wooded-WolfHetalia DL: models of Hetalia with link download. Hetalia DL
Bulletazure by Wooded-Wolf Kingdom Hearts DL: only for models of Kingdom Hearts with link download. Kingdom Hearts DL
Bulletindigo by Wooded-Wolf Pokemon DL: models of Pokemon with link download. Pokemon DL
Other model DL: all those models that don't belong to the other folders. Here you can post anime, games, etc. with link download. Other model DL
Bulletviolet by Wooded-Wolf Touhou DL: models of Touhou with link download. Touhou DL
Bulletpurple by Wooded-WolfUtau DL: only for models of  UTAU. I mean Utau those recognized by Crypton.UTAU dosen't mean your OC. They are another type, so please stop to put your OC on the folder UTAU DL. Only model with link download. UTAU DL
Bulletrose by Wooded-Wolf Vocaloid DL: only for models of Vocaloid, I mean those recognized by Crypton. Only model with link download. Vocaloid DL

------------------------- FOLDERS DOWNLOAD -------------------------
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfAccessories: this folder goes to include all those objects as a means of transport, animals, umbrellas, etc.. Accessories
Bulletred by Wooded-WolfAccessories pokemon: all objects that connect to pokemon, like the pokeball. Accessories pokemon
Bulletvermilion by Wooded-WolfAnimation:Only GIF or Flash no video link
Bulletcopper by Wooded-WolfArms-Hands: fingernails, gloves, wristbands. In this folder you can put all the accessories that include the hands or arms. Arms-hands
Bulletorange by Wooded-WolfBack:In the folder there are all the objects that are behind his back as backpacks, wings, shields etc. Back
Bullettan by Wooded-WolfBody-bases: all the bases and bodies. Body-base
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfBottom: all the clothes such as pants, skirts and other. Bottom
Bulletyellow by Wooded-Wolf Effect: All types of effects related to MMD. Effect
Bulletlime by Wooded-Wolf Electronics: everything to do with the electronic. Coumputer, cell phones, Ipad etc. NO TV. Electronics
Bulletchartreuse by Wooded-WolfFood: All types of food and drink. Food
Bulletharlequin by Wooded-Wolf Furniture: objects such as chairs tables, etc.. Furniture
Bulletgreen by Wooded-WolfHairs: All types of hair from short ones to long ones, from the simplest to the most complex hairstyles. Hairs
Bulletmalachite by Wooded-WolfHead: All items such as hats, barrettes and more where you put on the head. Head
Bulletspring by Wooded-WolfJewelery: all types of jewelery from necklaces to earrings. Jewelery
Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf Link: All links to models, stage or effects that are not on Da
Bulletcyan by Wooded-WolfModel full body - Figma:
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-WolfMotion: All links to motion that are not on Da
Bulletazure by Wooded-WolfOther:
Bulletroyal by Wooded-WolfOutfit: Here you post only the clothes complete. So example Outfit
Bulletblue by Wooded-WolfPicture Blender-3D-vidro: you can post all the images with the programs Blender, vidro, 4D cinemas and so on.
Bulletindigo by Wooded-WolfPicture request-for-HB: you can post all the images of the requests, picture dedicated to someone, and pictures happy birthday. HB means happy birthday.
Bulletviolet by Wooded-WolfPicture wallpaper: Posted the pictures you like the most of your gallery.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-WolfPose: all the poses of any kind and that you can download. Pose
Bulletmagenta by Wooded-WolfShoes: Shoes, sandals, socks, etc. Shoes
Bulletcerise by Wooded-WolfSkydome: All types of sky for stage. Skydome
Bulletrose by Wooded-WolfStage: All types of placement from those of MMD to those of the games. From restaurants to gyms. Stage
Bulletcoral by Wooded-WolfTexture: All the colors needed for those who are creating a model.
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfTop: all the clothes such as shirts, jacket and other. Top
Bulletred by Wooded-WolfTutorial: All kinds of tutorial related to MMD. Tutorial
Bulletvermilion by Wooded-WolfWeapon: All kinds of weapons will go into this folder rather than in that of the accessories. (Swords, guns, cannons, etc.)Weapon
Bulletcopper by Wooded-WolfWip-help:All work in progress and help. Wip-helps
Bulletorange by Wooded-WolfVehicles: You can put all kinds of means of transport in this folder (car, motorcycle, bicycle and so on.)Vehicles
Bullettan by Wooded-WolfVideo you tube: you can put pictures that are connected to the videos of you tube. Video you tube

PMDeditor english translation:





Welcome!! Everyone can join in the group.




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I want to put this model up for download, but I don't know which folder I can put her in. Any ideas? Cruella De Ville by Carlytheangel  
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does any one have/know the link for the models of…
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pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee helpppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeee
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per chance, does anyone know where to find the MMD models on this video?…
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hello beautiful soul
if you want to get more information about the illuminati ,
you can see the posts and also on facebook page "i will be illuminated"…
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Thanks for accepting my skirt plugin details guide! There's a few more nifty tutorials in my gallery too! :D
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